JENerating a Great year - 2019!

Calling all of you who are looking to have a GREAT 2019!


I Know What It's Like To:

  • Feel overwhelmed by all of the high expectations of New Year’s and New Year’s Resolutions

  • Want to make changes in my life, but not really sure where to start

  • Deal with stress and eating unhealthy or overeating because of the stress and everyone pulling you in different directions

  • Be in denial that I am fine the way that I am (even though I don't feel good in anything that I wear)

  • Overwhelming myself with all the things I want to do differently, only to do none of them

  • Wish there was just SOMETHING I could do to help me get started on a healthy eating plan that I could continue longer than 1 week

What Would It Feel Like To:

  • Have control of your eating habits and feel rejuvenated and not overwhelmed

  • Know you are learning healthy lifestyle habits that you can continue long after New Years Day

  • Have someone to help you on your journey and to hold you accountable and just an ear to listen to you

  • Have someone help you with meal planning and with ideas of things to cook for your family

  • Feel totally confident in your plan, because it is made specifically for you, therefore decreasing your chances of failing!

  • Actually have some time to do some things for yourself instead of for everyone else!



Are you ready??

Here's what you can expect from me - I can:

  • Complete an initial assessment to get to know you 

  • Help you to create realistic and obtainable goals

  • Discuss with you any obstacles that you may feel are standing in your way of reaching your goals

  • Provide nutrition coaching sessions (the actual number will depend on you)

  • Provide unlimited e-mail availability

  • Give you the tools that you need to reach your goals and look and feel your best

  • Help you with meal planning and dinner ideas

  • Show you how to shop efficiently and on a budget

  • Teach you how to cook

  • Teach you different methods of cooking

  • Give you helpful hints, to help you get meals on the table, even with your busy lifestyle

and this is completely different than anything else you have ever done! 

What? Something Different?

You can make your own offer of what you think all of this information is worth? WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY JENNIFER?

No, I’m serious. I feel like if you make an offer (an offer that you think is fair, based on your needs) you will feel you have more of a part in this whole process.

Look at the things above that I can offer, and you decide what you are interested in, how many get-togethers you think you’ll need (or want) and let me know.

You may choose to “bid” on one get-together about eating healthy. OR, one get together about cooking for your family, or cooking on a budget…you name it. You may choose to “bid” on a month of services for these things or any others offered above.

AND, if there is something nutrition/recipe/cooking related that you don’t see listed up there, ask me!!! I’m full of surprises!

Once you send in your offer, and I accept it**, we will go from there and get moving.

So, GO AHEAD! Fill out the form below and get to bidding! I can’t wait to hear from you and start 2019 on whichever foot YOU want!

Name *

**Jennifer Lee Coburn Nutrition, LLC, reserves the right to accept or reject any offer, depending on said offer and viability of it. Please be aware of what services you are requesting and time they will involve.