Halloween Treats That Are Sure to Satisfy All of Your Ghosts, Skeletons and Witches

Halloween is coming and y'all I love Halloween...you know why? Well, if you know anything about me, it's the candy!!! I love, love, love candy corn. Like eat bags of it all of September and October. And a Reese's pumpkin....o.m.g. just leave me alone with it because it requires 100% of my attention! You know you were a true trick-or-treater when you can remember suffering through that plastic mask with holes for the eyes, mouth, and nose with an elastic band on the back so your hair could get good and caught up in it.....and by the way, what genius put a little bitty horizontal line for your mouth when the whole point was to eat candy the whole night!?! And the costume was basically you, dressed in your regular clothes, with a plastic something (costume) wrapped and tied behind your back. Oh, good times. Anyway, got off track a little, the other thing that I love about Halloween is that when I was a little girl, my brothers and sister and I would go to my grandmother's house and eat. And she had a spread....but what I remember most is that she made homemade pimento cheese sandwiches that were to die for! I don't really remember her making it very often, but we knew on Halloween, it was on!

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So, to this day, I go to my sister's house on Halloween and she makes these amazing homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and homemade chicken salad sandwiches and y'all, they bring me straight back to 8 years old at my grandmother's (minus sweating under the plastic mask I could barely breathe out of)! I don't have the recipe for the pimento cheese, so I can't share it, but I do have some fun ideas for treats that you could serve at your Halloween party, or bring to a party if you going out, that will satisfy everyone! When we do Halloween, there are lots of sweets (which these treats are sweet) and some savory party food, which I keep saying I am going to post about our party food because my sis and I can put down some party food. Even if there's no party.....on to the treats!

Halloween Snack Mix

The first option is to make your own snack mix, which is similar to Chex mix, but with a Halloween theme. I am always into easier, so I would recommend to skip the making it yourself and to go for buying the Chex Mix. All that is left to do is to add other snacks that you like that would fit into the Halloween color scheme. Some ideas are mini pretzels, candy corns, sunflower seeds, raisins, and then Halloween candy pieces to add some sweetness to it.

Witch Hat Cupcakes

Witch hat cupcakes are a really fun idea if you are bringing a dessert to a Halloween party, or a school party for your kids. With start with a standard cupcake and icing (again, with the easy theme, I would use a cake mix and canned icing-but you use whatever is easiest for you)! A chocolate cupcake with a bold icing like purple, bright green, or orange makes the cupcake really stand out. You then take a mini ice cream cone, dip it in melted chocolate, and turn it upside down on top of the frosting on the cupcake. If you are feeling fancy, you can drop a line of frosting around the bottom of the ice cream cone to pull it all together.

Halloween Bark

This is probably one of my favorites. And once you make it, you will eat it all. In one sitting. All of it. Place graham crackers on a sheet pan and melt white chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted, pour it over the graham cracker. Before it begins to harden, you can add items to the bark that complement Halloween and that you like. Some ideas are broken pieces of candy corn, broken pretzels, peanuts, M & M's , mini chocolate morsels (I like the white chocolate ones). I then melt a little milk or dark chocolate (whichever you prefer) and drizzle it over the whole thing. It doesn't need much because it is pretty sweet already, but it makes it look really pretty. If you need it to be ready in a quick hurry, you can stick it in the fridge to harden. If not, I usually just leave mine on the counter until it hardens. Then all you have to do is break it up and you have a fantastic treat to share! I have a picture below of my Halloween Bark!

Easy Halloween Bark

Easy Halloween Bark


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If you want something super simple to bring, make chocolate covered pretzels. You can find orange melting chocolate in some stores, or you can add food coloring to white chocolate, but melt your chocolate and dip your pretzels. Place them on parchment paper, and before they harden, add a small piece of candy on top to look like the stem on a pumpkin.  Maybe a brown M&M or a green one. If you like sprinkles, you can add that too, but they are just as good without them. I mean, you can't get much easier than this, and I promise you, everyone will love them!

Those are just a few ideas that are especially good for school parties and parties with kids. They are also quick, easy and affordable! I will be making the Halloween bark tonight and will post some pics. I made this bark a couple of years ago and could.not.stop.eating.it. And then I'm going to hit my sister up for some sandwiches :)

Happy Treat Making,