Michelle and Stephanie

Stephen (left) and Michael (right)

Stephen (left) and Michael (right)


I was the baby of the family for 8 years...and when I say baby....I. WAS. THE. BABY.! I literally was attached to my mother's leg. I'm telling you this so you will understand this story I'm about to tell..... It was June 1980, I was almost 8, my brother Lester, was 11, and my sister Tracy was 13. We were watching Lester Jr. play baseball at City Park and my mom and dad choose to drop a big old bomb on me...oh I'm sorry, two bombs! Dad says, "Jen, we have some great news to tell you!" I'm thinking 'oh we're going for ice cream, we are getting a puppy, maybe a vacation'?...."You are going to get a little brother or sister around December." My eyes got huge (I just know it) and I said, "Oh my gosh you're adopting a baby? I am so excited. Can it be big? Get we get it when it can walk and talk!"......Dad says, "No, you're mom is going to have a baby!".....and my screams were heard around the world!! "WHAT??!!! NOOOOO, I'M THE BABY, I'M MOM'S BABY, SHE DOESN'T NEED ANOTHER BABY!"  

I guess eventually I calmed down, and at some point we found out Mom was having twins (oh, like this could get any better-sarcasm is my specialty)! As if I hadn't had enough WONDERFUL news, Mom had a sonogram and they told her they were pretty sure it was girls.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My life was over as I knew it....all 8 years of it!

So, imagine my surprise when on November 18, 1980, Michael and Stephen arrived!!! This totally turned everything around...two boys...instead of two girls??? I was ecstatic! And since then, I have taken care of them, entertained them, tortured them, and loved them.  It's like I had my own little baby dolls to take care of. When they came home from the hospital, I shared a room with them. One crib was at the foot of my bed and one was across from it against the wall. When Mom would come in at night to feed them, sometimes, I would take one of them and give them a bottle...and sometimes I slept through the entire thing. My sister and I always had friends over and they would help us babysit them. It's like they were our little toys (a lot of my friends still talk about helping us take care of those boys). 

They are 38 years old today and I could not be more proud of them! They are both married to awesome women, and they both became fathers for the first time this year....and they are fantastic dads! Chad and I have two girls and people always ask me if I'm sad I didn't have any boys and I ALWAYS answer them, "no, I've had my two boys!" And, to this day I call them Michelle and Stephanie, because you know, they were supposed to be girls.....:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL AND STEPHEN!!! Love you bunches! So happy Mom and Dad didn't adopt!....and that you were boys!