Are you ready to change the way you eat?


Are you ready to feel better and look better?


have you been trying to lose weight and not made any progress?


Are you trying to get off of some of your medications for diabetes or high blood pressure?


I have the perfect resource for you! 

Living Low-Carb is the perfect resource for you, if you are interested in starting to follow a low-carb diet. In the book, I explain the basics of low-carb eating and give examples of foods to eat and to avoid. There is also a 7-day sample meal plan  that includes breakfast, lunch, and supper, and the proper serving sizes for each food.

The book also contains 2 bonuses!

1. A shopping list that can be printed and used as a guide for your next grocery store trip AND...

2. 10 foods to avoid when trying to eat low-carb and why to avoid them. 


low-carb meal plan cover.jpg